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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~K-POP Taggie~

I got this statement from top-oppa @ tumblr 

If any one want this taggie mind to put a full CR...

1- Who my first ever k-pop bias was. 

 = He is Hero from TVXQ

2- My first k-pop music video.

= Hug by TVXQ

3- Favourite k-pop girl group.

 = After School 


4- Favourite k-pop boy group.

= Block B

= Infinite

= B1A4

= Boyfriend

= B2ST


= Teen Top

*this is my current mood*

5- K-pop Idol who I’d like to be my brother/sister. 

= Lee Sungjong of Infinite

6- The last k-drama I watched. 

= 49 Days

7- The fav korean show you watch.
= Running Man & Family Outing S1

8- The music I listen to other than k-pop.
= Price Tag by Jessie J

9- Couple I want to see on we got married. 

= Between Nana of After School with B-Bomb of Block B, L of Infinite and Mir of MBLAQ

10- Favourite Korean actor. 

= Oh Ji Ho 

11- How many Korean albums I own.

 = I own about 5 korean albums..
3 of them is Super Junior album and other is MBLAQ 1st album and ZEA 1st album$(KGrHqQOKocE12I4Zk5zBNf3o(djj!~~0_1.JPG?set_id=8800005007

*sorry the photo is not mine but I really own this album except for MBLAQ album, the photo is mine ^^*

12- How long I’ve been listening to k-pop.

= It was since 2003, when TVXQ make their debut.

A/N: This a random things, so some of question I do not upload a photo..


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