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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garden 06 -> Theme Parks

        "Arghh! I hate Hwang Chansung..hate..hate..hate!!!!!!"  shouting Kyung Soon since returning from a restaurant. They're surprised by the attitude Kyung Soon since returning from a restaurant because she's crying non-stop, "Kyung Soon unnie what happened,why unnie crying?. What has Chansung done to you?" asked Dahyun while relaxing Kyung Soon. "Nothing happened between me and Chansung",cover Kyung Soon and wipe the tears continued go into the room. :Eh!! what's wrong with Kyung Soom unnie? She said wants to her mama, but why suddenly she mentioned Chansung name?" wonder Hyora. "Yah Nuri!! why not you go ask Kyung Soon unnie,whats happens.", asked Hyora, "Wait! why should I? why don't you guyz just go ask her?",asked Nuri. "You state old friends with her, besides maybe she will tell you hers problems."asked Dahyun, Nuri had to go.

        Knock..knock..knock the door from the outside,"Come in!!!",said Kyung Soon. Nuri opened the door and went into the room. "Unnie why cry,what happenes?"asked Nuri, "erm..not..nothing happens,unnie just frustrated with my mama",cover Kyung Soon. "Unnie want to tell me why you disappointed wirh your mama?",asked Nuri.Kyung Soon just shaked her head. "Oh ya!! Unnie next friday we all want to go to theme parks, unnie want to join? Residents from 'garden' will follow too, let's go unnie?",beg Nuri.First Kyung Soon don't want go because she knows that Chansung will follow too,excesssive sad because of Nuri,she had to go too. "What Kyung Soon unnie say?",asked Seulmi, "She did not say anything,but next week we'll go to the theme parks!",said Nuri with happy tone. "Hah! theme parks with whom?"asked Seulmi,"It's we and the residents of 'garden'.So I'd like Hyora please let Junsu oppa know about this okay.Told him to invite all members of the 'garden' to joined", said Nuri while wink to Hyora.

Friday morning....

        They all are ready, the 'Fruity' preparing rice rool while the 'Garden' has just arrived. Nuri fiscal Taecyeon with smiling no more gloomy face,but Kyung Soon is upside down. She could not chew out and look Chansung. Chansung like saying something to Kyung Soon when they sat together in the kitchen but not so,because Kyung Soon soon fled the scene.

        Takes about 5 hours to reac the destination. Once reached,they find a place to rest around the park. After the break they decided to take Ferris Wheel,but one ferris wheel cable can only accommodate two people only,but they had to divide a pair. Nuri with Taecyeon, while Seulmi with Wooyoung. Dahyun with Junho,Hyora initially did not want to go up because of fear of heights, but then the excesssive by Junsu, she had to go up as well. Kyung Soon rejected when she asked to go up along with Chansung,she gave reasons do not feel well. Chansung only know the real reason Kyung Soon, "Who will accompany unnie?",asked Nuri. "Never mind, unnie can watch myself, you guyz don't worry.", "Let me accompany noona, besides I don't want to take that thing.",suggest Chansung. Kyung Soon shocked to hear the request and look Chansung with sharp eyes, 'Ish!!...why is he want to accompany me!' think Kyung Soon. Chansung wide smile when Nuri allow him accompany Kyung Soon

        'I will apologize to noona!' think Chansung and immediately running towards Kyung

to be planted..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Garden 05 -> I Hate You

        "Hei Nuri! I hear you've befriended Taecyeon oppa.How do you reconcile those? ", asked Dahyun a strange tone. "You guyz want a know..come closer", asked Nuri with serious face. Others show the face can not wait, "What? palli! "ask Hyora, "it is..S.E.C.R.E.T.. hah!!",Nuri  laughs while saying the S.E.C.R.E.T word slowly. Hyora can catch a play Nuri and throw pillows to Nuri but unfortunately the throw was not concerned because Nuri could cut into the room when Kyung Soon come out. Kyung Soon out of the room  shake her head to see behavior dongsaen, "Kyung Soon unnie! want to go where wear this beautiful?" Dahyun asked with a smile. "Unnie going to a restaurant in town a while","Restaurant! for what?", asked Hyora with a strange tone. "Unnie's mama told unnie came to see her there, she  want to introduce someone to unnie "said Kyung Soon.

in restaurants..

        Kyung Soon find her mama but that appears in front of her is Chansung. Kyung Soon surprised, "Wh..what r u doing hear?",asked Kyung Soon to remove the sense of shock. "Annyeong noona!!!.I'm here to meet old friends but they have not yet arrived.What noona doing hear?",asked Chansung. "Noona here because..because..noo.. ",voice Kyung  Soon stopped when she heard her name called, "kyunggie!!! mama long search for u. You here actually, this is who? "asked mama Kyung Soon. "This is Hwang Chansung, he one of junior college students at Kyunggie college mama. "answered Kyung Soon. "Come quick, mama want introduced you to someone. He already been waiting so long for you ... oh yes! Mr.Hwang, we must go first, Chansung just smiled while nodded understand.

        "This is the one who mama want to introduce," said mama Kyung Soon, "Annyeonghasaeyo! Shim Jung-Yong imnida, a lecturer at one of the local college and is still unmarried", that man introduced himself. Kyung Soon who just want to introduce herself suddenly silent, her mama seems to betroth her to him. While they talked, Kyung Soon saw Chansung along with a beautiful woman. All of a sudden, Kyung Soon feel jealous to see Chansung with another woman, Kyung Soon excuse herself to go to 'ladies', Chansung realize that Kyung Soon saw him with other women, immediately excuse heself to go to the 'mens'. Kyung Soon set off angry in the toilet not because she was angry with Chansungor her mama, but she was angry with herself.

        Kyung Soon just out of the toilet was surprised when she was  pulled by a man. "What you want?",angry Kyung Soon to Chansung for pulling her,"I want noona",answer Chansung with face care. " I know that noona look at me snce i came until noona ask yourself for 'ladies'," continue Chansung with serious face. Kyung Soon was surprised by the fact that Chansung tell. "Hahaha!!! li.." Kyung Soon words stop when Chansung lips landed on her lips. Kyung Soon as if from a dream realized, immediately set off right away and slapped Chansung..PANG!!.. "I HATE YOU HWANG CHANSUNG !!!!.. I'll never talk to u again!", shouted kyung and fled the scene in tears..

to be planted..

Friday, July 16, 2010

Garden 04 -> Basketball

        Kim Nuri increasingly confused by the attitude of the righteous Ok Taecyeon sometimes good and sometimes do not know. At the same time Taecyeon also felt that Nuri did not like him, maybe his arrogant attitude in the early identification. Ok Taecyeon dizzy thinking about it until his work be interrupted and scolds the photographers for not focusing 'Where as if I'd concentrated attention of my thoughts fly in a' think Taecyeon.At the same time, the Nuir attended drawing classes as well. She did not hear what Prof.Kim sayed, she kept thinking about whether it is Taecyeon or her own because until now they are not friends yet.

        "Nuri!!!Nuri!!!KIM NURI!!!!" seulmi shouted loud. "A... ah..ah yes!Why you shouting loud I am not deaf. "Hei! You really deaf, I called three times but you can not hear so I shouted loud" clear seulmi. "Why is the fact you today? kind of mood you do not have it. I have not noticed, afternoon you think about other things? Even the way you do not look left and right I know that you have problems. Do not cover from me, you try to state the story you are dissatisfied to me, maybe i can help you." said Seulmi. "I actually swim with the Taecyeon oppa attitude, until now me and he has yet to be friends. I do not know who exactly wrong is me or him. "said Nuri with a sad voice. "Here's what you have ask yourself whether you or Taec oppa is the real one and you try to ask friends from him" advice Seulmi, "I'll ask" said Nuri while sigh.

        During the afternoon,Nuri thinking of ways to reconcile with Taecyeon. Meanwhile, Taecyeon also consider how to reconcile with Nuri. He called Nuri, "Yabsaeyo! Nuri yah, oppa ni. I want to meet tomorrow with you,at a basketball court okay!".'Why Taecyeon oppa want to see me?' think Nuri


the next day..

        Nuri walked toward the basketball court to meet with Taecyeon. As soon as Nuri in the middle reach of the court, suddenly there is a speed ball towards her. Fortunately, Nuri could catch the ball, she looked towards the thrower "Yah OK TAECYEON!!! why you do this? you want me dead?",Nuri shouting, no more calls respect. "I want to compete with you in this basketball game. If you beat me, you can ask me anything, but if I win .. i want, we start a new friendship .. can we?" Taecyeon word on Nuri. Nuri first surprised, smiled when Taecyeon mention a fine because she also wants friendship from him. "Good! if I win, I can ask anything "said Nuri.

        They started the match, in the first round of state Nuri successfully scored a goal, but in the second round were scored Taecyeon and in the third round of the determinant. In the third round, Nuri give the opportunity to Taecyeon to score, so this match won by Taecyeon. Taecyeon sitting at the edge of the post after scoring the last goal,Nuri walking towards Taecyeon then reaches out, "Annyeong! Kim Nuri imnida. Nice to meet you and you are?"lent Nuri, "Annyeong! Ok Taecyeon imnida and nice to meet you too." Taecyeon extend the hand with a smile to Nuri.

        "So we can be friends now?" ask Nuri, Taecyeon just nodded. He was relieved now because he had been befriended by Nuri. They both laughed with joy. On the basketball court as state witness the sun set, they now have become friends.

to be planted..

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden 03->Which Fruits Do You Like

        Nuri stir thoughs after returning from the 'garden' hostel. She could not sleep, because she is still reflected a sharp view Taecyeon towards her. Maybe too tired for completing daily task with Prof.Kim, Nuri falls asleep with the feeling that is less easy to Taecyeon.

        Every week, Nuri always exercise in the park near the 'garden' hostel. Nuri who is exercising saw Taecyeon in the park is to feed the cats. Nuri decided to fiscal Taecyeon "Hi Taecyeon oppa! Oppa, you always give cats to eat here?" ask Nuri wit happy tone. But Taecyeon do not care about that question,so he went without answering question from Nuri. Nuri is angry with the Taecyeon's behavior decided to come back to the 'Fruity' hostel.Nuri soon arrived at the 'fruit',the others still breakfast "Eh Nuri! Let's breakfast" invited Hyora, Nuri are still in great anger, just enter the room without answering Hyora. All of them shrug at the same time marks not know what happens when Dahyun asked. "Nuri come hear a moment, we want ask you one thing" called Hyora, Nuri just want to go to the kitchen but turn to living room because Hyora call her. "What you guyz want to ask?" ask Nuri, "We really want to ask why is your nickname tomatoes? but you really like most is apple.." asked Seulmi. 

        "Oh! It because a friend New York. First at the age of 12 years, I have a friend, my best friend who is most like tomatoes. So a day after returning from school, me and another friend to stop by his house. Another friend who was watching television, which I just resting on the back of his house. I was caught talking to him, he suddenly kissed me, a while we sat in that kind, so aware of other friends who cheered. Probably because too shy, my face suddenly turned red like a ripe tomatoes, so from there friends call me tomatoes and also my parents call me tomatoes." clear Nuri."Oh so the story, whether the man is your first love?" question Dahyun. "Ah no lah. He is a friend who stole my first kiss" says Nuri, "I want to let you all have nicknames too. Seulmi you are apple, Dahyun are sweet potatoes, while Hyora the orange" connect Nuri with a smile before going back to the room.

        "Oh Hyora! What you do at the library?" Junsu asked in a low voice as they are in the library. "Oh! Junsu oppa. I was looking for a book about orange." answer Hyora. "Orange? Why the orange?" asked Junsu. "This orange is my nickname given by Nuri. I do not know why orange and that is why I came here to find out the purpose behind the orange." Hyora said slowly. "So what is good in orange?" asked Junsu, "Orange contains more vitamin C, in addition to the orange color of the structure also has a bright and exciting, but can also confuse state orange-eaters with a very attractive color structure because they are sometimes sour and eaters immediately discard. The most important is, anyone who likes the orange or orange he or she is given the title of his or her friends, they are a jovial fellow and always concerned with their friends. They are also a romantic and always will care for their spouse, they really love their partner."  Hyora read from the book of quotations, Junsu was a loyal listener Hyora.

        "Actually, I like most fruit is orange and my hope is to see people like that is said in the book." Junsu smile with a seductive smile, Hyora dazzled with a smile that the gift to her. Their faces were very close, eyes and heart interlocking rhyme participating..... Their lips are getting closer, guardian of the library suddenly angry with a group of students that was noisy in the library. Hyora feel right for a moment her face so close to Junsu, Hyora feel shy and awkward. She immediately got up and leave right away Junsu. Junsu release heavy grievances, just like he stood up and marched to the detriment of their earlier...

to be planted...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Garden 02-> Got A New Housemate

       Beautiful Sunday morning, all college students are still in a dream probably half of them are up early to exersice, as well as Kim Nuri,because exersice is a routine day of her week. About two hours at the park, Nuri back to 'fruity' hostel but they still have not wake up. Few minutes later the house's phone ringing and Nuri answered it. "Annyeong Nuri imnida. Oh Wooyoung! Why call this early this morning?...okay i'll tell others.Its okay,you welcome." Wooyoungcall to ask for help to go to 'garden' hostel because there are a new tenants.

        Clock pointed at 9 am, they are already getting out of bed. Kyung Soon and Dahyun prepare breakfast while Seulmi and Hyora complete state table.Nuri broke the silence on the dining table "Oh ya! you all,just now Wooyoung call to ask for help from us". "Wooyoung?" Seulmi face is red when she heard Wooyoung's name. "What he wants?" asked Kyung Soon,"Urmmm..he wants us to go to 'garden' hostel to help them to update their home because they are a new tenant and a new tenant is our junior.But i can't go because i have work to finish first with prof.Kim" said Nuri.Kyung Soon,Seulmi,Hyora, and Dahyun ready to go to the 'garden' hostel while Nuri has been out after breakfast.

        Ding dong..bell 'garden' hostel ring,Junho open the door and smiled "Hi welcome to 'garden'! You must be Chansung new tenants? By the way I'm Lee Junho 2nd year At & Music in dancing" "Yes I'm Chansung and I'm 1st year Art & Music in dancing also". Few minutes later, Dahyun,Kyung Soon,Seulmi and Hyora has come."Hey Junho,I hear there is a new tenant.Where he is?" Dahyun asked softly with a smile and sweet voice given to Junho."He is in the room. Chansung there who want to know you "but Junho do not even care Dahyun's smiled and it makes she hurts."Annyeonghasaeyo! Hwang Chansung imnida.I am a new student at this college."introduced Chansung.

        "Annyeong! My name is Kim Hyora.This is Lee Dahyun,Lee Seulmi and in the end is Kim Kyung Soon,we are from the 'fruity' hostel."sayed Hyora. Kyung Soon who looked at Chansung was surprised when her name called by Hyora.Kyung Soon face changed color red like a ripe melon,this happened when she felt ashamed.Taecyeon just out of the room immediately went to the living room when he heard female voice "Eh! When you guyz come and where Nuri?" asked Taecyeon. "Yes! We have just arrived.Nuri, she is ready to get things right at the college, so she can not come, maybe she'll drop by later afternoon." clear Seulmi. Taecyeon who heard the answer suddenly changed the mode. "Okay stop talking,now our main task is remove the old items, so the room can be bedroom and Chansung can sleep in there." lead Junsu who just out of the kitchen. 

        They all start working, Seulmi and Wooyoung in order to wipe the windows while Dahyun and Junho in order to mop and sweeping the floor. Junsu and Hyora, they collect old items to be removed while Kyung Soon and Chansung went out to buy equipment. Four hours elapsed time and no one noticed the time move fast because they are all eager to make their work. Bell house ringing, Taecyeon open the door and its was Nuri who is holding two pizza boxes.Taecyeon smile to see that guest are Nuri, but Nuri does not respond to he smile. Nuri are actually less happy when faced with Taecyeon, so Nuri took the decision that she did not want to fiscal Taecyeon. "Oh! Nuri do you already know the new tenants?" asked Junho,Nuri only shake her head a sign not know. "Introduced this is Hwang Chansung, new tenants." said Junho. Kim Nuri just nodded with a smile, but she is not comfortable because she felt a Taecyeon sharp eyes to her...

to be planted..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Garden 01->Meet Again


      "Okay all quiet please!" shouted Professor Kim slowly while entering the classroom with a new student. "Please introduce yourself." ask prof.Kim. 
"Annyeonghasaeyo! My name is Kim Nuri, 21 years old and from New York" said the new students. "Okay! I want all of you completed your task, I want this Thursday. Remember feel it with your soul." Said prof.Kim. As soon as prof.Kim out, Kim Kyung Soon shocked and shouted that she did not expect to meet again with old friend. "Argh!!!! tomatoes is that you? wow you've change a lot girl.What make you changes like this? By the way i misz you so much.",says Kyung Soon. " I do misz you to unnie. Nothing changes, this is real me."said Nuri."So you still interest in painting. Its very grateful to meet you again."says Kyung Soom."Yup,painting is my life".

        Ding dong!!..bell sound indicates a period of rest has been started."Come let's unnie introduce my friend".Kyung Soon and Nuri go to the dining hall."Annyeong guyz! Let me introduce you guyz my friend.She was my friend when i live in New York.This is Kim Nuri"Kyung Soon introduce Nuri to her friend."Annyeong!My name is Kim Nuri,nice to meet you guyz.". "Nuri this is my friends.This is Seulmi and Junsu,both of them in Art & Music.This is Junho,Wooyoung,Hyora and Dahyun.All of them in Art & Music to but in dancing"says Kyung Soon."So where you'll stay?"asked Seulmi."Oh! I forget to tell that she will stay with us at the 'fruity' hostel.So Nuri,Seulmi,Dahyun and Hyora is our housemate"said Kyung Soon."If like that,why not we have a party for a new housemate tonight?" said Dahyun."And you all also invited to attend don't forget to invited Teacyeon oppa to"continue Dahyun.They all agree to set up party.

        That evening,all residents in 'fruity' work hard to provide and preparing the party.A head chef of course Kyung Soon unnie.Resident from 'garden' has just arrived,"Let me intoduce you to Taecyeon oppa,he a part-time model and same age with Junsu oppa.Taecyeon oppa this is a new 'fruity' 's resident,Kim Nuri."said Kyung Soon."Annyeonghasaeyo..Kim Nuri imnida."introduce Kim Nuri while Nuri extend her hand,but Taecyeon do not care and even he do not look at her at all. "Please don't be satisfied with the attitude Taecyeon oppa, he always like that when he's tired."said Kyung Soon.Nuri only smiled when Kyung Soon say that but she was actually angry with Taecyeon.Nuri was angry at the moment but when she hear Junsu singing,her anger subside,this is because the melodious voice Junsu could cool her anger at Taecyeon.At the same time,she could feel Junsu eyes on Hyora has a hidden meaning and this is because Junsu like Hyora.But he afraid to express his love to Hyora,he also was disappointed in love...

to be planted.....

Main Characters


Fruity hostel:

*Kim Nuri (tomato)
21 years old
*studying Art & Painting at Seoul University
*love to play basketball
*interest with Ok Taecyeon

Kim Kyung Soon (melon)
*22 years old
*same study with Kim Nuri
*good cooking chef
*caring to her juniors

*Lee Seulmi (apple)
*21 years old
*studying Art & Music at Seoul University
*a good heart and quiet interest in Jang Wooyoung

*Kim Hyora (orange)
*21 years old
*same class with Lee Seulmi
*love Kim Junsu but do not know how to approach him

*Lee Dahyun (sweet potato)
*21 years old
*same class with Hyora and Seulmi
*very a sweet person like sweet potatoes

Garden hostel:
*Kim Junsu
*23 years year Art & Music
*quietly interest with Hyora

*Ok Teacyeon
*23 years old
*a part-time model
*like Nuri so much

*Jang Wooyoung
*same class with Seulmi,Hyora,Dahyun
*cute person

*Lee Junho
*same class with Dahyu,Hyora,Seulmi n Wooyoung
*a man who can dance

*Hwang Chansung
*maknae n like Kyung Soon
*love eat but still have hot body

other characters:
-ok hana
-shim seungri
p/s:characters will be added