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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lepas Geram (giler)

Kisah Benor..jeng..jeng..jeng..

tkder kena-mgena dgn gmbr ini..
kowang nk thu cite per? meh sini ak kasi nih citer dier,
tp sblum tuh boleh ak nk gelak cam evil skit ala2 'kyu maknae evil' tuh..muahhaha..

okay meh sinih nk start..
ak nk bgi tuh adr sowang nih leh kata 'minah' la dlu kita owang kwn la 'xrpat mn' tp bff..
pstu stu ari, tk thu sb per dier dh tk tgur ak mlh dah remve ak as a fren..
so ak pun mcm bla la sb dah puas tnya,msg mcm2 lgi la tp still tk answer my question.

pstu skng nih ak buat acc bru,tkar nma (back to basic) ak pun add la dier..dier apprve, tp tk pnh brtgur ak sure lw ak tgur msti dier remove ak diam kn diri..boleh nk kta sesuatu ..weh Pabo ko minah tkkn tk knal ak spa...XDDD

dasar minah kt sni la ak nk lepas kan geram..
hurmm law sesapa y kau nk terasa, trasala mmg tuju u 'KO' pun
minah senget..
dan sapa y thu diri yg ak citer kn nih..biarlah rahsia..jgn hebohkan
biar dier sndri yg bca..
adios..-the end-

Let It Snow

Let It Snow by Hyunseung & Kikwang (B2ST)

Here is the last team where Hyunseung and Kikwang be a partner..
Let it snow what a beautiful song name and it sweet with winter time right now..

Finally 6 of them make a good pairing for winter song..
So B2ST..

here is teaser MV hope u guys enjoy it ^^

-together with subbed-

Download link : [MF] mp3.

passwords : B2ST

p/s:i'm gonna wait for full MV for 
those 3 upcoming MV..

source: b2stlysubs03
download source: eyah

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thanks To

Thanks To by Junhyung & Yoseop (B2ST)

Here is another sub team while Doojun and Dongwoon 
and here are Junhyung with Yoseop..

Welcome 2 'B2ST' Airline present B2UTY 'Thanks To' by Junhyung and Yoseop
during the concert..

This song also suit to hear when winter
for MV both Junhyung and Yoseop seem so closes in here like siblings..
and combined with funny act Yoseop

I'm just prepared teaser for their MV taeser..

-together with subbed-

Download link : [MF] mp3.

passwords : B2ST

p/s:this teaser so cute,sweet and funny 
      *junhyung's wive*

source: b2stlysubs03
download source: eyah

When the Door Closes

When the Door Closes by Doojun & Downgwoo (B2ST)

On Welcome 2 'B2ST' Airline, they spilled in three where Dongwoon and Doojun perf together.
Both of them perf 'when the door close'. Its a sweet song and it suit to hear with your partner.

So they will make video kind of MV about this song.
So this is teaser for their up coming MV..enjoy

-prepared with subbed ^^-

Download link : [MF] mp3.

passwords : B2ST
p/s:cant wait for full MV..

source: b2stlysubs03
download source: eyah

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Yang Junhyung

I wished Happy Big Day to Junhyung B2ST..
and may god bless you..
Okay let me talk about Junhyung 
birth name Yang Junhyung but fan called him poppin' dragon or the joker.
however i called him HUBBY because he's my hubby XD..
okay..okay..stop..sorry for that..
born 19/12/1989 so he older than so i called him OPPA..

'humairah please stop that..'
'sorry :('

in the same group with Doojun,Yoseob,Hyunseung,Kikwang and Dongwoon
they called them self B2ST or Boys 2 Search for Top but
recently they c-c-change their name (not Hyun A songXD)
to Boys of the East Standing Tall..hurmm i like boys 2 search for top more.

now about him that i like is..
he so talented..all b2st song where rap part, he created by himself..
so cool right..i'm proud of him..thats why he be my husband ^^
okay he got tattoo onm he's right hand and on his chest..only me can see kyaa~~~

okay lets stop from here..later i'll post other k-pop bday..see you guys soon

adios..-the end-

here are some Junhyung de Joker photo..
enjoy :-

omo so handsome *melting

oppa can u gived it to me too?

sofly junhyung

wow cute with 'that' hair pin 

Friday, December 17, 2010


 Ah tidak aku dh demam skang..
psstt..bukan demam denggi la tapi
demam B2ST..

Hurmm pertengahan tahun nieh diorg buat comeback
dengan lagu SOOM..
wow breath in, breath out..
aku suka giler dengan image baru diorg..
satu jer aku boleh kata dengan image baru diorg

 jjang leader..Yoon DooJoon

 sweet smile..Jang HyunSeung

 cool rapper a.k.a my hubby..Yong Junhyung

 cute but funny..Yang Yoseob

 the dancine machine..Lee Gikwang

the maknae from 'India' XD..Son Dongwoon

Dan baru2 nieh diorg comeback dgn lgu yg
paling SWEET..Beautiful..
lagu nih khas u B2UTY-2 diluar sna..trmasuk aku 

 album yg akan aku dpt kan nanti..(blum ader duit TT.TT)

comeback diorg mmg gempak la..
cumil jer aku tgk perf diorg..
lebih2 lgi time diorg perf dlm music core
dekat EVERLAND park..


Pada 12/12 bru2 nieh B2ST telah mengadakan
concert pertama diorg..
(ceh! mcm dialog buku la pulak XD)
ahh biarkan..ikut suka ati aku la..
Dan kat sana diorg telah buat persembahan yg 
paling trbaik la..'Baik punya!'*tagline dafi..
woah!! aku lyn fancam..awhh dengki tau dgn 
korean fan..

hot kan diorg in white..
hurmm last skali aku nk membebel ialah
korang dh dgr?? law blum p dgr skang
dan lebih baik download terus..

lagu nieh di jadikan sbg ost citer All My Love..
DooJoon oppa ader brlakon dlm nih..
hurmm tksbr aku nk download..
mesti best citer nieh..

ok la tgn aku nih dh lenguh dan dh nk msuk maghrib..
jdi smpai sni jerla celoteh aku
nanti aku smbung lgi di hari dan waktu y lain XDD..
bye..bba bba shing!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday IM SIWAN

HAppy 22th Birthday..hangul age 23th
Hope you successful in life
I'm as your truly fan wish a Happy Prosperous Bithday
Me and all ZE:A'Style always support Children of Empire everlasting.

here some picture of SIWAN..

*i made this just for u Oppa ^^

*look how happy he is..I'm happy for u too oppa ^^

*keep fighting Jeguke Aidol a.k.a ZE:A

*wanna my autograph XD..

*love ZE:A'Style

*Omo look he so damn cute O_o

Your beloved:
Eyah DeJetfire

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Heart 4

Heart 4..->

Donghae’s POV:

"Well my next big investment is going to collaborate with the North Pacific; they are planning to build a big operation." I continued to talk about the investment. In about two hours I ended the interview and went home to rest. It was only 11:30am. I went home and rest once lunch time arrived, I went to the restaurant with Joon hyung and ate.

My life is pretty normal since Dahye died. I bury myself with my work to help pass time faster and to forget about my aching heart. I don't want to live life like a person without a heart, I don't want to live life as a depressed person so every day. I smile and give all my life, but sometimes it's hard to smile, whenever I do something it reminds me of  Dhaye, then my heart starts to ach all over again. After taking a bite of my food I didn't feel hungry anymore so I began to play with my food.

"Stop playing with your food and eat!" I looked up from my plate and smiled.

"I'm not hungry." I said, Joon hyung looked at me and shook his head in disapproval. 

"Are you thinking about Dahye again?"

"No!" I said, it was a half truth half lie. After eating lunch we drove back home so I decided to take an afternoon nap.

End of POV..

"Nuri! Where are you?” Heechul yelled. Nuri was out back and heard him through the open door.

"Here!" Nuri screamed not knowing if he heard or not, she sat on the small walk way and looked at the flowers.

“Boo!” Nuri heard then flew forwards, she glared back at Heechul as he kicked her. “Miss me?” he asked.
“No not anymore!”

“Miss you too!” He smiled then sat next to her, “Why are you out here?” Nuri shrugged.

“Don’t you feel bad for Donghae?”

“Whose that?” Heechul stared at Nuri with a blank expression.

“The guy from two days ago.”

“Ohh…yeah him! Yeah I feel bad for him, if I lost a person I loved, I’d kill myself it’s hard to pretend to be okay when the truth is you’re hurting. Why would you want to love on when you’re already dead at heart?” Wow he’s good at talking. Nuri smiled, she pinched Heechul’s cheeks and plant a kiss on Heechul’s lip as he smiled in satisfaction. 

They got up from the ground and went inside, they watched TV for awhile, then Nuri got ready for dinner. She washed her hands and cleaned the vegetables. In an hour or so she finished cooking, Heechul and Nuri ate dinner. When they finished eating, Heechul did the dishes and went to bed since he had to go to the office early in the morning. He kissed Nuri a goodnight kiss and left her in the living room to watch TV.


Nuri watched until the last second of the health show, and then turned off the TV, it was already 12 at midnight. She got off the couch just as her heart began to ache and sweat was rolling down her face. Nuri didn’t know what was wrong but she felt terrified, her legs moved by the time she knew it she was outside the house, as she began to run forwards. Nuri seemed like a mad man running barefooted in the middle of the night. She ran until she reached a tall building, an apartment. Nuri was confused ‘Why am I here?’ 

Nuri looked up towards the sky and saw a shadow on top of the building. She ran as fast as she could up the many flights of stairs desperate to reach the top. Nuri finally reached the top of the apartment and stood on the roof top looking at a strangers back.

“Why are you here?” Nuri asked but the stranger didn’t bother to turn around, “D…Donghae! Please don’t do this.” Donghae turned around and stared Nuri in the eyes.

“Please leave me alone, I don’t want you to see me like this.” He simply said, his voice was calm but she could hear the hurt in his voice, he’s been hurting so much since Dahye passed. She want to help him but how?

“Please come down from there and let’s talk.”

“No I don’t want to.” Nuri stared at Donghae and felt liquid run down her face as her eyes began to blur, Nuri was crying again.

“Please get down from there Donghae, can we talk? You can’t do this.” She shouted at him now she was crying hysterically. 

“No I don’t want to do this, I can’t live without Dahye! I lived just for her but she can’t even repay my favor! She left me here alone! I can’t be alone, I hate being alone, I wont be alone. I don’t want to live. Why should I live and try to fix my broken heart? I don’t need this damd heart if I can’t use it to love her.” Donghae said calmly as he began to cry. 

“Please come down!” Nuri heard him whimper then saw him jump. Her heart suddenly stopped as she laid on the roof gasping for air. She felt herself leaving her body but she was pulled back, then she saw Dahye grabbing the back of her shirt.

“You can’t leave Heechul with a broken heart! You can’t leave the man who has given you his heart. He needs a heart as much as you do. If you leave him he’ll surely die." Nuri’s spirit stood there as Dahye flew down the apartment to meet up with Donghae. They turned towards Nuri and smiled then disappeared into the darkness.

“AHH!” She finally began to breathe again. She sat on the cold roof and cried to herself then got up.

She need called the police and called Heechul about Donghae...

KRINGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KRINGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Hello, Nuri-ah where are you honey? As i awared from sleep you not on my side”

“I’m at the building in front of cafe..Heechul-ah! D..D..Donghae died! His dead” Nuri yelled


“He suicide..Please come here now, I’m scared”

“Nuri you come home first and then we called the police..okay honey!”

Nuri need to go back home to Heechul, she can’t leave him with a broken heart, she need to liv. Her life and love truly.

A few hours later..

“Thank you for the new heart, now I can live happily.”  After the report, Nuri got in bed and she wrapped her arm around Heechul’s body.

“I promise you I won’t break your heart.” Nuri whispered and kissed his chest.

“Thank you!” He kissed her hair and went back to sleep.


The next morning...

Nuri watched the news about Donghae and cried alone, she was happy that Dahye and Donghae are together. Now they can live for an eternity and love each other, what they couldn’t do this life time. 

Like Heechul said once ago.. “if I lost a person I loved, I’d kill myself it’s hard to pretend to be okay when the truth is you’re hurting. Why would you want to love on when you’re already dead at heart?”.. That happen to Donghae, he cant live without Dahye by his side. Now she sure they are happy up there..

She never knew a person’s heart contained so much information, feelings, and emotions. Since she was born she always had a weak heart, a heart that failed to start; but since she got a new heart, she changed. The heart she received had so much sorrow, so much pain. The heart was in such bad condition. She wonder why she felt so much pain when her life was so perfect. She never knew a heart contained so much information until she received her second heart. ‘Thank you for my second heart!’

note: well its already finished fuhhh..sorry for epic ending..i dont know how to ending it so i make Donghae character dead..T.T *crying please support me^^..i'll make a new ff now..