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Monday, August 30, 2010

Garden 09 -> First Kiss

Recalled back at hotels...

        "Taec what are u doing here?" "Oh! Seungri.I'm here with my chingus..So what are u doinh here?"ask Taec to that girl."I'm with Khunnie n others for photoshoot.Well u dont want introduce me to ur chingus?"ask Seungri."Oh! i almost forgot.hehe..So guyz this is Kim Seungri one of my chingus model"introduce Taec while Seungri's hand in Taec hand."R u okay Nuri?"ask Seulmi,"Hah! what?"Nuri got shocked "I ask u..r u ok? u seems tired!" "Oh really? Maybe..i'm a little bit tired,but dont worry"smile Nuri.Actually she jealous see Taec to close to that girl names Kim Seungri."Seungri right? are u Prof.Kim daughter right?"ask Kyung Soon."Yes! how did u know?"ask Seungri."your mom tell me that,she have daughter who works as model.She said her daughter names was Kim Seungri"explain Kyung Soon.'Oh! so she's Prof.Kim daughter..'said Nuri slowly..

back to reality...

        "Ish..why she not answer my phone? even msg she not reply!"mustache Taec. "Yah! Taec whats wrong with u hah?"Junsu mad,"Nuri doesnt want answer my call,she never like that.I think something happens to her" "Why not u go there,check ur self if she have problems with u." "Should I?",Junsu just nodded. "Hows her condition eh?" "Hyora said,she find.maybe she tired back then thats why she back early"said Junsu, "Fuhh!! i'm glad hear that."smiled Taec...."Oh ya~ how ur relation with Hyora-ssi? any improve?"ask Taec,Junsu just smile and his face become red when he keep thinking about Kiss."Ermm..w..we..jus..just kiss"said Junsu, "Wah!! congrat man.."said Taec. 'i want kiss my girl too,but will she accept my kiss,not will she accept me?!!' think Taec while thinking about Nuri.


fruity hostel..

        "Nuri ah! we want ask for help from u"ask Dahyun, "What kind of help do u want?" "Actually i just promise to Khun oppa and his frend to held a party. So i want u help me find the place, can u?" "What friend?" "That one we meet at hotel,remember? overeact girl and handsome one." "they..ok i'll try find the place" "thanks Nuri." "Aigoo why she has come too?"said Nuri with slow voice, "Hah! what r u say?" ask Seulmi,who sit beside her."Err..nothing"lied Nuri.

        "Btw,when u wanna make a party?"ask Nuri, "Hurmm..what about next week.R u busy next week?" "next week..i think i dont have any program..Ok next week i'll find the place"said Nuri.


        "Should i visit her,but Junsu said she find?..Hah!!! what should i do!"said Taec...Meanwhile Nuri,"Ish..please dont make me mad lamp..WTF y now u dead.Lucky me this house got spared mentol.Where they put it?" Nuri get the leader and she got in it..suddently door's house open and it was Taec,Nuri shock and she got wrong step,she fell down,but Taec got her thats relief.but thier position, Nuri on Taec's body and now they just KISS..Nuri want get up quickly but her feet got stuck between Taec's feet and she fell down and they kiss again for 2nd time..

        "We home!!" Dahyun and others come in house and they shock see Taec and Nuri position.."Nuri ah~ what r u doing!!!??"

 to be planted...

 note: i want make kiss part more romantic but i dont know how,so i just write a simple one..mianhae *bowed

Friday, August 27, 2010

Garden 08 -> Ferris Wheel 2

        Kim Seungri..that name keep play in Nuri head after Taec  introduce her to Seungri. "Arghhh!!! y i'm keep thinking about her!!"shout Nuri, "Yah!~~ whats wrong with u?"ask Seulmi "Nothing i'm just stress lately,sorry for shouting in midle of the night."bow Nuri. "Hei where r u going?" ask Seulmi, "I wanna go back, i have work to do tomorrow morning" said Nuri. "Hah! this time,i think u should sleep here n early tomorow u go back" "Sorry unnie but tomorow morning is most important to me" said Nuri."If u say that nothing i can do,but remember be careful k!"said Kyung Soon. Nuri just nodded her head,when she arrived infront of door Dahyun said something "R u jealous with Seungri?" "Hah!? why should i?" ask Nuri with angry tone,"yah dont need mad,i'm just asking lorh!"said Dahyun..

next day..morning..

        "Hai guyz so sorry for being late,u know girls things" said Kyung Soon. "it's ok we just arrive too"said Junsu, "Chakammal..where's Nuri?"asked Taec, "Oh she have work to do this morning so she back home last night"said Dahyun. "What!! back home..last herself?" "Oppa u dont need to suprise"said Seulmi "Yes i should by the way she's a girl u know,it's dangerous for a girl to back home by herself" said Taec with shock face. "Thats what i have sayed to her but she doesnt listen it.u know she a sturborn girl."said Kyung Soon.

        "So u guyz wanna ride ferris wheel again?"ask Junsu, "yes we want it" "no i dont want it..i want back,today no ferris wheel" said Taec with angry tone.'Seems like he in bad mood now' think Junsu."but h..hyung.." "no but but..we're going home now". All of them now in bad mood. Taecyeon try call Nuri many time,but he get it is 'sorry this number busy'.."Is she always busy?" mustache Taec..

to be planted...

note:sorry it to short,not bcoz im lacked of idea but i'm too lazy to write it..hope u enjoy it *tired

Garden 07 -> Ferris Wheel

        They are still in the ferris wheel, while outside there are Chansung still follow Kyung Soon wherever she goes. After long walk, Kyung Soon resting on a bench near the water fountains it is exactly hidden from the public, Chansung take this opportunity to clarify the truth and he also wanted to ask forgiveness from Kyung Soon. "Mianhae noona .." Chansung begin their conversation but Kyung Soon remain silence. "I know noona angry with me, maybe noona also began to hate me by the kissing incident the other day. I'm very sorry for my reckless actions." Chansung said with a voice full of regret. "As easy as you think I'm will accept you're sorry?  I'll never accept that you're sorry!", said Kyung Soon and immediately go to the Ferris wheel.

in Ferris Wheel cabels...

        Junsu and Hyora is still in the cable to see each other for a while. Hyora start a conversation, "Oppa! now we're on the ferris wheel is kind of foreign film. They'll sit together and then they'll kiss.Don't u think this situation is same?"ask Hyora. "Maybe..I don't know, but only one thing i remember.."Junsu turn Hyora body to face him and he's face approach slowly towars Hyora..and they lips touch it..very long.."Oppa u so meant" said Hyora and her face become red, Junsu just laugh and he hug Hyora so tight and she reply the hug...

        In another cabel,Dahyun and Junho seem nothing happens. Just silent accompany in their cabels.Same with Seulmi and Wooyoung,both of them remains silent.They treat their own feelings..

        "R u scare dongsaeng?'Taecyeon ask Nuri,"Nope i'm not,i'm cool with it.but i think u who scaree with it."said Nuri calms,actually she really scare with hight.She dont want to show hers scare to Taecyeon.

         Day by night,they search for hotels to rest and sleep.They search around suddently someone fiscal Taecyeon,"A-yo Taecs, what r u doing here?" ask that man."Oh! hai n my friend wanna finds place to rest n sleep,what r u doing here?" ask Taecyeon. "I'm n the crews came here for photoshot,Seungri here too."said Nichkhun."Hyung! Junsu hyung found the place!" said Junho,"Ok!!" answer taecyeon."Hei!wanna meet my chingus?"Taec ask Khun n Khun nodded.

        "Guyz this's Nichkhun one of my model chingu.N Khun this's my chingus"said Taec. "Hai Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul imnida"said Khun with angel smiled."Hah!!?" "He was America-Chinese n also Thai,thats y his name sound weird to u guyz" explain Taec. "U can call me Nichkhun or just Khun"smile Khun after Taec explain his name."Khunnie this Junsu n Kyung Soon,they r same age with me. This is Wooyoung,Junho,SEulmi,Hyora,Dahyun n Nuri. The last one is Chansung" introduce Taec. "So where we'll stay Junho?"ask Taec,"There hyung" Junho point his finger at the Dreamings Hotels,"u guyz stay there too? so do i"said Khun."So shall we go check in.I'm so tired n others too" said Kyung Soon. They walk into the hotels n check in.

to be planted..

note:i'm sorry for late update..i'm very busy with my exam..