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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dalmatian Stamps the Eyes with their Unique Character

Wah band kesukaan aku dh mnjadi no1 utk diresearch..netizens pun ska kan diorg..GAMBATE DALMATIAN!!!!

Rookie 6 member boy group 'Dalmatian' is gaining more interest because different image compared to existing idol groups.

 Dalmatian's first digital single song 'Round 1' is covered with basic synthesized sounds and uses the 90s' big hit popular melodies and catchy choruses. You can say that it is a unique style of music among the kpop industry today.

Most existing idol groups sing about 'love' but 'Round One' is filled with words of determination as they 'put the long trainee period in their past when they stand on their dream stage and sweep the kpop industry'. In their choreography as well, there are not any prominent group dances, but dances that show off each of their different personalities which has allowed them to gain more interest. 

After their debut stages on and just after 2 broadcasts,they became the number 1 most searched on portal sites allowing them to experience their growing popularity. 

The netizens who have seen their debut stage responded with "I was getting tired of the inevitable idol style, but because these idols have a different style, I'm interested", and "Because this group is becoming unique like their name, I think an idol group worth watching has debuted".
 Dalmatian's leader Inati said "Of course with the title song 'Round One', but also with future songs, we will show music fans music styles that only Dalmatian will be able to digest:

MC Mong was personally involved in planning for the team that prepared for 6 years allowing them to receive continuous interest from record companies and fans.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I think i begun to like this member..i know that i a little bit late for like this group..*bow but i try my best to introduce this ze:a member's profile for those who still dont recognse them all..Now introducing.. ^^

ZE:A got 9 member..all of them so damd cute plus they also handsome..and some of them make my heart melt..Junyoung,Kevin,Kwanghee,Siwan,Taehun,Heechul,Minwoo,Hyungsik,Dongjoon..come joint me to know 9 of them ^^

Junyoung (준영)

Birth Name: Moon Junyoung (문준영)
Birthday: 1989.02.09
 Astrological Sign: Aquarius
 Blood Type: A
Height: 180cm (5'11")
Weight: 64kg (141 lbs.)
Hobby/Specialty: Bowling, Soccer, Running, Movie Appreciation, Games
 Favorite Quote: "흘러가되 절제된 삶을..."(The black continent and life flows)
Experience: Mnet [Flower Boys: A Wrong Situation] Episode 3 appearance
Other: Leader, from Hongdae, dated/had 3 girlfriends, likes "twin couple style" (wearing matching clothing), likes lively girls, ideal celebrity girl is Lee Jia, dislikes girls who are "too nice", uses around $300 a month of pocketchange on average, former uhljjang (best face), known for looking like Micky Yoochun and Kang Dongwon

Kevin (케빈)

English Name: Kevin Kim (김케빈)

Korean Name: 김지엽 (Kim Jiyeop)

Birthday: 1988.02.23

Blood Type: A

Height: 180cm (5'11")

Weight: 66kg (145 lbs.)

Astrological sign: Pisces

Hobby/Specialty: Composing, English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Internet Shopping, Computer Games

Experience: Musical [Aladdin] appearance, Seo Inyoung [I Want You] MV appearance

Other: He is a foreigner from Australia.

Kwanghee (광희)

Birth Name: Hwang Kwanghee (황광희)

Birthday: 1988.08.25

Blood Type: A

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Height: 179cm (5'11")

Weight: 60kg (132 lbs.)

Hobby/Specialty: Going on trips/vacation, Taking pictures, Scuba Diving, Tennis, Snowboarding, [Speaking] English, Cooking

Favorite Quote: "주님 안에서 항상 열님히!" (In the Lord always yeolnimhi)

Experience: SMART Uniform Model

Other: Best friends with Siwan
Siwan (시완)
Birth Name: Im Woongjae (임웅재)

Birthday: 1988.12.01

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Blood Type: B

Height: 175cm (5'9")

Weight: 51kg (112 lbs.)

Hobby/Specialty: Violin, Scrap, Collection, Skiing, Snowboarding

Favorite Quote: "멋있게 살자." (We'll stay cool.)

Other: Best friends with Hwang Kwanghee
Taehun (태헌)
Birth Name: Kim Taehun (김태헌)

Birthday: 1989.06.18

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Blood Type: A

Height: 177cm (5'10")

Weight: 63kg (139 lbs.)

Hobby/Specialty: Watching dramas, watching movies, listening to music, Movie Appreciation, Excercising, Beatbox

Favorite Quote: "1%의 희망이 라도 포기하지 않는다." (
1% does not give up hope)

Other: Motherly member 
Heechul (희철)

Birth Name: Jung Heechul (정희철)

Birthday: 1989.12.09

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Blood Type: B

Height: 177cm (5'10")

Weight: 58kg (128 lbs.)

Hobby/Specialty: Watching movies, Trumpet, Squash, Soccer, Computer Games, Attends Seoul National University of Arts

Favorite Quote: "길은 내가 만든다" (The way I make)

Minwoo (민우)


Birth Name: Ha Minwoo (하민우)

Birthday: 1990.09.06

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Blood Type: B

Height: 178cm (5'10")

Weight: 54kg (119 lbs.)

Hobby/Specialty: Shopping, Dancing, Cooking

Favorite Quote: "다음날 후회하는 삶믈 살지말자." (Do not live to regret it the next day sammeul)

Experience: MBC [Introducing A Star's Friend] appearance, Changwon Young Boys Dance Festival First Prize, Yangsan Young Boys Dance Festival Highest Award

Hyungsik (박형식)

Birth Name: Park Hyungsik (박형식)
Birthday: 1991.11.16
Astrological Sign: Scorpius
Blood Type: AB
Height: 183cm (6'0")
Weight: 65kg (143 lbs.)
Hobby/Specialty: Fencing, Skiing, Games, Singing
Experience: Jewelry S [Date] MV appearance
Favorite Quote: "½Ç·Â¸¸ÀÌ »ì±æÀÌ´Ù." (Sorry i dont know what Hyungsik fav quote)
Dongjun (동준)
Birth Name: Kim Dongjun (김동준)

Birthday: 1992.02.11

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Blood Type: B

Height: 175cm (5'9")

Weight: 58kg (128 lbs.)

Hobby/Specialty: Health, Soccer, Apparatus Gymnastics

Favorite motto: "Impossible is nothing."


Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Does Six-Sound Mean??

u guys really curios what six sound mean?? I'll help u with ur curios..u can check it down here..

Have you ever wondered what Six Sound means and why the name was chosen?
This will be a short explanation on why we chose it! ^^

When Dalmatian was first introduced to us, it was said that they 
"will create music with its own sense of character and individualism." So from Day 1, it was clear that the group would have their own different sound.

We wanted a name that represented this; that Dalmatian would step into the world of music and "leave their mark" with their own sound. But we did not think that Dalmatian was one. We knew each of the boys had to have different styles, different music tastes. Although Dalmatian would have one sound, the members would not. There would be six different sounds, six different styles we would hear in their songs. Even in their debut single, Round 1, Day Day raps "Each of us with our talent and style, we’re different bad boys." But each sound would leave a mark on the world of music. So, that's how Six Sound came to be. The missing "s" from the world "sounds" was to make it look cooler, to be honest. XD

We did not even realize this until the domain had been bought but also each of the members had at least six years of training, giving the number six an even greater significance.

There you go!

That was how Six Sound got its name!

And now Six Sound & Dalmatian both are charged 100% and ready to go!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MC Mong and Dalmatian’s Inati have a treasured bond

Poor my dalmatian leader

note:if u guys wanna know waht happent to dalmatian leader read this..its a sad story...

Dalmatian, the rookie group that debuted on September 1st under MC Mong’s Monkey Funch Entertainment, has a bond between the producer and the group that other companies may lack. Dalmatian’s leader, Inati, who used to belong in a group called “People Crew” with MC Mong about 10 years ago, suffered a brain hemorrhage on April 2004. This occurred when Inati was preparing to feature in MC Mong’s 1st album.
At the hospital, the doctor informed the staff and MC Mong that Inati would probably not wake up from his coma. MC Mong, who had followed Inati from the practice room to the hospital, prayed for Inati to wake up, swearing If you wake up, I’ll produce an album under your name“. MC Mong subsequently paid for all hospital expenses and took care of Inati for 2 months until he woke up.
Inati, encouraged and supported by everyone around him, was able to recuperate and is nearing the final state of his recovery program. MC Mong immediately organized a group around Inati, hand picked for talent, and produced their first album.
Inati stated, MC Mong never gave up on me when my life was in the middle of the cross roads. Before a mentor, he is a father like figure to me. In order to pay him back for all his effort, care, and teaching, I’ll try my hardest.”
MC Mong’s associate company, IS Entertainment revealed, “After the relentless album production and the structuring of Dalmatian around Inati, the 6 rookie idol group is finally preparing to take to the stage this September 2010. MC Mong poured everything on their first album, expect quality production”.
Dalmatian’s members are: Inati, DayDay, Dari, Jisu, Drama, and Youngwon. The group name is derived from “Dalmatian” and “Musician”, symbolizing the dalmatian breed’s loyalty and to never give up their quest for superior music.
Personally, this issue brings light to the dark news that surrounded MC Mong recently. I hope the netizens don’t skew this around as a publicity effort.


Introducing New BG -Dalmation

i kind like this new now i present u guys their biodata ^^

Inati Dalmation Leader:

Real name: Jang Intae
Birth date: March 6th, 1981
Height, weight: 180 CM / 66 KG
Blood type: B
Religion: Catholic
Education: Graduated from New Zealand Rotorua High School
Siblings: One brother & one sister.
Hobbies, specialties: Reading / Acting
* Modeled in CFs for Pringles, Hanaro Telecom, SK SKY, McDonalds, & LG070.
* Featured in MC Mong’s 1st ~ 5th albums.
* Appeared in MC Mong’s 2009 Concert “Mongie’s Nomads”
* Appeared in 2010 Concert “Variety Mind”

DayDay Dalmation Rapper:

Real name: David Kim
Birth date: September 20th, 1983
Height, weight: 170 CM / 60 KG
Blood type: B
Religion: Christian
Education: Maryland University
Siblings: Only child.
Hobbies, specialties: Working out, translating, & rapping in English.
* Rap trainer in JYP and other companies (2PM, Wonder Girls, Miss A, Sistar, & Secret)
Featured in:
* Lee Hyori’s “Shall We Dance” & “Straight Up”
* Wonder Girls’ “So What”
* Uhm Junghwa’s “Come to Me”
* Wheesung’s “This Kind of Situation”
* Ivy’s “No”
* Son Dambi’s “Start”

Dari Dalmation Main Rapper:
Real Name: Lee Dari
Birth Date: July 4th, 1984
Height, weight: 176 CM / 60 KG
Blood Type: AB
Religion: Christian
Education: Yewon Arts University
Siblings: 3 older sisters
Hobbies, specialties: Fishing, drawing
* Featured in MC Mong’s 4th & 5th albums.
* Appeared in MC Mong’s 2009 Concert “Variety Mind”

Jisu Dalmation Vocal:

Real Name: Park Jisu
Birth Date: July 28th, 1990
Height, weight: 180 CM / 60 KG
Blood Type: B
Religion: Christian
Education: Graduated from Hanyang High School
Siblings: 1 older sister
Hobbies, specialties: MIDI, Piano
* Appeared in MC Mong’s 2009 Concert “Variety Mind”

Drama Dalmation Vocal:

Real Name: Daniel Chae
Birth Date: March 31st, 1991
Height, weight: 177 CM / 58 KG
Blood Type: A
Religion: Christian
Education: KENT Foreigner School
Siblings: 1 older sister & 1 younger sister
Hobbies, specialties: Watching movies, graffiti art
* UCC TV “How to Seduce Mr. Daniel”

Young Won Dalmation Vocal:

Real Name: Lee Dongrim
Birth Date: April 1st, 1990
Height, weight: 177 CM / 62 KG
Blood Type: AB
Religion: None
Education: Graduated from Hansol High School
Siblings: 1 older brother
Hobbies, specialties: Watching movies, dancing
* Placed 1st in Busan Youth Song Festival


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Garden 10 -> Library


        Midterm exam just in the corner,many student busy study for their exam so do 'fruity' tenants. They rarely at home, Kyung Soon and Nuri busy with their painting. Dahyun,Seulmi,and Hyora busy practice with music instruments and while make a good song for their test. 

Sunday morning.....

        Seulmi ask Hyora to accompany her to go to the library near the college. "Hyora ah!! please come with me to library?"ask Seulmi, "What? now..but its Sunday i want to sleep." "please Hyora just this time?" "Ah!! shiro." "I'll give u anything u want if u help me!"ask Seulmi. "Jinjja? everything?", Seulmi just nodded. "Okay i'll." Seulmi smile bcoz she just want.
at the library.....


         "Annyeong Hyora-ssi..Seulmi-ssi,what are u doing here?" asked Junsu, "Hai oppa! oh Woo is here too. I dont know Seul aks me to accompany her so i company her."said Hyora."Oh i see,sorry for distrub u guys.u can continued than."Seulmi just nodded."Oppa u can sit with us,so do u Woo. joint us?"ask Hyora while look at Seulmi, Seulmi nodded "okay thank u"smile Junsu. About 30 minutes they study,Junsu and Hyora ask to go out for awhile. Now just Woo and Seulmi,but just silent company them.

        "Seul ah!actualy i want ask u something." "what do u want to ask?". its took 3 minutes for Wooyoung continued his question "i want ask why u never talk to me? u always talk to Taec-hyung,Junsu-hyung even Junho but not with me."ask Wooyoung. seulmi look at wooyoung and continued her reading not answer wooyoung question. "its okay if u dont want answer that question, just act like i never ask u a question."said wooyoung with sad tone... its took about 10 minutes before Seulmi speaked."its not like i dont want to talk to u but i actualy scared to people." "hah?" "actualy i got phobia with guy.long time ago it was my black stories.." " why ur black storie?" please i dont want to recall back!!" shout Seulmi and her hands cover ears seem like insane. "Seul are u ok? why u look so pale..Sulmi ah!!," Wooyoung try touch seulmi but suddently "dont touch me..never n ever..i hate guy"shout seulmi,wooyoung got shock."please dont do this to me..appa!!"seulmi cry.seulmi get up from her seat and run out from library."seul wait!! seulmi wait for me"chase wooyoung.

       As soon Wooyoung infront of entrance he got bump with Hyora and Junsu,"Seul!!"shout wooyoung but seulmi not hear it."woo ah what happen? whats wrong with seulmi?"ask hyora."i dont know,i talk to her but suddently she shout and stat cried". "what do u talk to her?" "nothing i just ask her why she never talk to..and she tell me she have black stories long time ago.She also ask her appa to stop and she run". "What!! she tell that?" "yup bcoz i ask her to tell my her storie" PANG!!! hyora slapped wooyoung "what the hell are u doing? why u ask her hah!!" aftr hyora said she out to chase seulmi."hyung am i do anything wrong?"ask wooyoung "come lets back home,i'll tell u the storie" "but hyung.." nah!! come home first."

to be planted....

note:this story is a little bit boring and sorry then *bowed