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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~K-POP Taggie~

I got this statement from top-oppa @ tumblr 

If any one want this taggie mind to put a full CR...

1- Who my first ever k-pop bias was. 

 = He is Hero from TVXQ

2- My first k-pop music video.

= Hug by TVXQ

3- Favourite k-pop girl group.

 = After School 


4- Favourite k-pop boy group.

= Block B

= Infinite

= B1A4

= Boyfriend

= B2ST


= Teen Top

*this is my current mood*

5- K-pop Idol who I’d like to be my brother/sister. 

= Lee Sungjong of Infinite

6- The last k-drama I watched. 

= 49 Days

7- The fav korean show you watch.
= Running Man & Family Outing S1

8- The music I listen to other than k-pop.
= Price Tag by Jessie J

9- Couple I want to see on we got married. 

= Between Nana of After School with B-Bomb of Block B, L of Infinite and Mir of MBLAQ

10- Favourite Korean actor. 

= Oh Ji Ho 

11- How many Korean albums I own.

 = I own about 5 korean albums..
3 of them is Super Junior album and other is MBLAQ 1st album and ZEA 1st album$(KGrHqQOKocE12I4Zk5zBNf3o(djj!~~0_1.JPG?set_id=8800005007

*sorry the photo is not mine but I really own this album except for MBLAQ album, the photo is mine ^^*

12- How long I’ve been listening to k-pop.

= It was since 2003, when TVXQ make their debut.

A/N: This a random things, so some of question I do not upload a photo..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Unnie Taggy

I got this taggy from Wana Kim
thanx to her ^^

1.GirlBand pilihan korang?Bagi 5 (maksimum)

After School 
Miss A
4 Minute
A Pink

2.paling2 suka?
After School....babeh.. proud to be Play Girl
3.Apa pendapat korang tentang Girl band ni?
They more mature than other girl group + their barbie doll-body-look-alike satu music video pilihan korang


My first video girl group that I even now I'm still fall in luv with this video.

5.Fav unnie/noona korang?*TOP 5

1. Nana (After School)

2. Jungah (After School)

3. Woori (Rainbow)

4. Kahi (After School)

5.No Eul (Rainbow)

6.unnie/noona yang paling korang admire*download gambar 

*bias sgt.. owg suh letak 1,kta p letak 2 XDD

7.kenapa korang suka dia?
Because her cute + blur face make me luv her so badly, and her rapper so amazed me.
8.korang rasa dia sesuai dengan siapa?
I got 2 who I think she will suit..
1st Myungsoo / L of Infinite

2nd B-Bomb / Minhyuk of Block B

A/N: 3 of them has cool and cold expression.

9.kalau korang diberi pilihan korang nak tukar badan dengan siapa? he3
It so obvious Nana, coz' her body so prefect and her face damn beauty.
10.lagu fav korang*hanya Girl Band

Virgin (After School)
To Me (Rainbow)
Funky Man (Nana & Lizzy)

11.selain Band girl,siapa lagi unnie/noona korang (pelakon/solo)

Son Dambi

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Block B Profile

Block B (블락비) is created by Cho PD under his label Brand New Stardom.
On April 15, 2011, they made their DEBUT on KBS Music Bank with their promotional single, "Freeze".
The group consists of 7 members: Zico, Jaehyo, Taeil, Kyung, B-Bomb, U-Kwon, and P.O.
The members of Block B have dancing, rapping, composing, and singing experience. 

Their debut single, titled "Do You Wanna B?" 
Block B is short for the term Blockbuster.

Their official fanclub name is called BBC (Block B Club).

Member profile


Name: Woo Ji Ho (우지호)
Birthdate: 14 September 1992
Birthplace: Mapo, Seoul
Position: Leader & Rapper
Religion: Catholic
Height: 182 CM
Weight: 65 KG
Blood type: O
Education: Attending Seoul Music High School
Hobbies: Shopping, reading, watching American comedians
Specialities: Freestyle rap, composing, waving melody lines
Family: Parents, Older Brother (Co-Ed School's Taewoon)
Facts: Former SM Trainee, Suppose to be part of SHINee


Name: Lee Tae Il (이태일)
Birthdate: 24 September 1990
Birthplace: Seoul
Position: Vocals
Height: 167 CM
Weight: 57 KG
Education: Digital Seoul Culture Art University (Haitus)
Hobbies: Collecting hats, raising tropical fish
Specialities: Singing


Name: Lee Min Hyuk (이민혁)
Birthdate: 14 December 1990
Birthplace: Seoul
Position: Vocal & Dance
Height: 178 CM
Weight: 60 KG
Education: Induk University as a broadcasting major (Haitus)
Hobbies: Playing instruments (piano)
Specialities: Dance (popping & hip hop)


Name: Ahn Jae Hyo (안재효)
Birthdate: 23 December 1990
Birthplace: Busan
Position: Sub-vocal
Height: 181 / 182 CM
Weight: 58 / 60 KG
Education: Withdrew from Seoul Art College as a Music Application major
Hobbies: Basketball, baseball
Specialities: Singing, business affair
Facts: An internet ulzzang, A cast of Mnet 꽃미남 아롱사태 (2008) with Song Joongki


Name:Kim Yoo Kwon (김유권)
Birthdate: 9 April 1992
Birthplace: Suwon
Position: Vocal & Dance
Height: 176 CM
Weight: 63 KG
Education: Graduate from Anyang Technical High School
Hobbies: Movies, listening to music, reading
Specialities: Dance, playing electric guitar


Name: Park Kyung (박경)
Birthdate: 8 July 1992
Birthplace: Seoul
Position: Rapper
Height: 176 CM
Weight: 56 KG
Education: Kamo High School ( New Zealand)
Hobbies: Web surfing
Specialities: Rap, composing


Name: Pyo Ji Hoon (표지훈)
Birthdate: 2 February 1993
Birthplace: Seoul
Position: Rapper, maknae
Height: 181 CM
Weight: 64 KG
Education: Attending Hanrim Ent. Arts High School
Hobbies: Acting
Specialities: Composing, rapping

Friday, June 10, 2011

[Fact] Hyunseung making Junhyung Jealous

Seung: Excuse me, while I go make Junnie jealous…

Seung: Step 1 - I’ll just brush across her shoulder to get his attention
Sure enough, Junhyung notices right away…

Seung: Step 2 - Serenade her and play with her hair
Jun: Oh! it’s like that huh?

Jun: okay, act cool Jun… act cool… you don’t see anything

Seung: Not working?? Okay, I will take her hand…
Jun: F*ck It… I’m leaving… I can’t watch

Now, let me go woman, I have a man!

A/N: Isn't sweet Junhyung jealous toward Hyunseung

 credit: just4ever @ tumblr